The Land Team

David D. Welsh

Founder, Owner, Manager, Landman

After graduating from the University of Texas
with a BBA degree in Petroleum Land Management and Finance in 1984, David began his career as an independent landman in Midland, Texas performing land duties for several oil and gas companies which included title work and oil and gas lease negotiations.  He returned to his hometown of Houston in 1989 to continue his oil and gas work.  Over the years, many owners that he met with expressed their frustrations with the day-to-day management of their oil and gas properties.  Thus the idea to pursue mineral management as a new business was planted.  David founded Travis Property Management before 2004 to assist one family but began and continues to add new clients since 2004.


Greg Crow

Manager, Landman

Greg is a Petroleum Land Management graduate and a Certified Professional Landman.  Greg has managed mineral assets for trust clients, estates, individuals, partnerships and charitable organizations since graduating in 1981 from the University of Texas with a BBA in Petroleum Land Management and International Business.  After graduation, Greg went to work for Bank of the Southwest in the Trust Oil and Gas Group.  During his 27 years with the bank, through various mergers and acquisitions, Greg worked in the Oil and Gas Groups at MTrust, Ameritrust, Texas Commerce Bank and JPMorgan Chase Bank.  Greg joined Travis Property Management in 2008 as a Property Manager and also serves as Manager of the Land Group.  Greg’s responsibilities as a Property Manager include  analyzing title documents to determine ownership, transferring title to the mineral assets, negotiating oil and gas leases, seismic agreements and surface use agreements, verifying division orders, handling ad valorem taxes, monitoring income and expenses, reviewing AFE’s and joint interest billings, preparing and presenting client presentations and coordinating Estate appraisals.


Frank L Medrano, CPL

Frank earned a BBA degree in Finance at Texas State University and then attained his Petroleum Land Management Certification from the TCU Energy Institute.  Frank began his career experience in Oil & Gas working for the Federal Land Bank of Texas within the Mineral Management Group in 1998.  During his time at the Federal Land Bank,  he gained valuable energy land and GIS experience.  He continued his career as a Land Professional in the Oil & Gas industry working with various Financial Institutions including JPMorgan and BOK Financial.  Frank has many years of experience in the oil and gas industry as a mineral manager.  He specializes in all aspects of evaluating and managing mineral rights relating to clients’ mineral lands.  Frank holds a Certified Professional Landman (CPL) designation from the American Association of Professional Landmen and is also an active member of the Houston Association of Professional Landmen.  Frank joined the Travis Property Management team in November 2016.


Martha Rasmusson

Martha has 23 years of experience managing mineral assets for trust clients, individuals, partnerships and charitable organizations.  She began her career at Texas Commerce Bank (now JPMorgan Chase Bank) in 1994.  In 2009, Chase Bank outsourced their Mineral group to CGI Technologies, Inc. and in 2011 she came to work for Travis Property Management.  Many of her responsibilities include analyzing title documents to determine ownership; transferring title to the mineral assets; negotiating oil and gas leases, seismic agreements and surface use agreements; verifying division orders; handling ad valorem taxes; monitoring income and expenses; reviewing AFE’s and joint interest billings; preparing and presenting client presentations; and coordinating Estate appraisals.

Brittany Mesec Frazier

After graduating from TCU in 2011, Brittany worked in banking and at her families clothing boutique before moving to Houston in 2015. There she began her career in the oil and gas industry with an accounting firm, processing invoices and JIBs for various companies. After 2 ½ years she joined the Travis Property Management team in June of 2017. While she has a hand in all aspects of the company’s day to day operations, her main contributions to the Land Department include processing division orders and customer relations.

Lauren Hill

Lauren is the newest member who joined the Travis land team in April 2018.  She graduated from Texas Tech University with her BBA in Energy Commerce, Petroleum Land Management. Prior to her time with Travis Property Management, Lauren held positions as an independent landman, and title researcher for Perdue Brandon Fielder Collins, & Mott. Lauren also has experience in leasing, title research, acquisition and divestment ventures, and contract negation.